Mileage Plan Calculator

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Calculator (unofficial)

Calculates your base miles, bonus miles, and segments on all Alaska or Virgin America flights. If you have MVP status, be sure to add that as either M7 (75K), MG (MVP Gold), or MV (MVP). Examples are listed below.

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M7 (MVP Gold 75k), MG (MVP Gold), MV (MVP),<blank> (General Member)

  1. SEA JFK (Seattle to JFK)
  2. SEA SFO, SEA SJC (Compare miles -> Seattle to San Francisco and Seattle to San Jose)
  3. SEA SFO XX SJC SEA (Seattle to San Francisco - returning San Jose to Seattle)
  4. M7 RT SEA HNL (A MVP Gold 75k on a round trip ticket from Seattle to Honolulu)
  5. RT SEA SFO HNL(Round trip Seattle, San Francisco, and Honolulu.)
  6. MG SEA SFO HNL LAX SEA (A MVP Gold - Seattle, San Francisco, Honolulu, Los Angeles, and Seattle)
  7. MP SFO Y SEA K LGW (A MVP traveling from San Francisco to Seattle on a "Y" fare and Seattle to London Gatwick on a "K" fare)
  8. M7 RT SEA B LAX (A MVP 75K traveling round-trip Seattle to Los Angeles on a "B" Fare)