About Us

We provide tools and information to help you make informed decisions about your airline travel or piloted flights. Our experience flying extensively in previous careers revealed the need for accessible knowledge about fare classes on major airlines. So, when a handy spreadsheet for Delta airlines vanished from the web, cwsi.net emerged to fill the gap.

But what does CWSI mean?

In the "dot com" era, CWSI was an abbreviation for Creative Web Solutions, Inc. Although that business never took off, the short domain name [cwsi.net](http://cwsi.net/) found a new purpose. Most likely, you found us through a search engine, blogger, or website. As such, [cwsi.net](http://cwsi.net/) will continue to focus on frequent flyers indefinitely.

One more thing...

Thanks to all the passionate flyers over the years that have helped make this site better (and more accurate). If you find something that is incorrect, feel free to email us

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