About Us

We (the royal "I") provide tools and information to help you make informed decisions about your airline travel or piloted flights. In our previous career paths, we flew a lot and learning about things like fare classes on major airlines was mostly tribal knowledge. Someone had a handy spreadsheet for Delta airlines but the site disappeared and that's how cwsi.net got its start.

But what does CWSI mean?

Back in the "dot com" days, CWSI stood for Creative Web Solutions, Inc. but that business never "took off" (no pun intended). What was important was having a short-as-possible domain name so the unused cwsi.net was used

You most likely found us by using a search engine, blogger, or website that pointed here. Because of this, cwsi.net will remain a frequent flyer focused website indefintely.

One more thing...

Thanks to all the passionate flyers over the years that have helped make this site better (and more accurate). If you find something that is incorrect, feel free to email us

Running and maintaining this site costs money so we use Ads to keep it going. We also love the Chase Sapphire credit card and you can find our referral link here

Donations (PayPal) are welcome, anything helps, and thank you.

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