Skymiles Calculator

Delta Skymiles Calculator

Calculates your Delta Airlines SkyMiles, Bonus Miles, Medalltion Qualification Miles earned, and Medallion Qualification Segments earned. The calculator can tabulate your miles based on your frequent flyer status and your fare code for each segment of your trip. Click help for more details and examples.


DM (Diamond), PM (Platinum), GM (Gold), FO (Silver), <blank> (General Member)

  1. ATL JFK (Atlanta to JFK)
  2. ATL SFO, ATL SJC (Compare miles -> Atlanta to San Francisco and Atlanta to San Jose)
  3. ATL SFO XX SJC ATL (Atlanta to San Francisco - returning San Jose to Atlanta)
  4. DM RT DAB BWI (A Diamond Medallion on a round trip ticket from Daytona Beach to Baltimore)
  5. PM ATL SFO HNL LAX ATL (A Platinum Medallion - Atlanta, San Francisco, Honolulu, Los Angeles, and Atlanta)
  6. GM SFO Y ATL K LGW (A Gold Medallion traveling from San Franciso to Atlanta on a "Y" fare and Atlanta to London Gatwick on a "K" fare)
  7. FO RT ATL B SEA (A Silver Medallion traveling round-trip Atlanta to Seattle on a "B" Fare)