MUPC - Medallion Upgrade Priority Calculator Help

What is it?
The Medallion Upgrade Priority Calculator (MUPC) shows your ranking against other Medallions.  The ranking is based on your Medallion status and fare class.  For example, a Diamond on a Y fare has the highest priority while a Silver on a T fare has the lowest priority.  Tie breakers for Medallions who are booked with the same fare class are: 1.) If you are a Delta Reserve American Express cardholder and 2.) time of ticketing.

Please note, any Medallion who books a full fare, Y class ticket may get an immediate upgrade to first class at time of ticketing (subject to availability).

The first class upgrade process can be divided in to two phases:

If you wish to guarantee yourself First class, simply call Delta and pay the fare difference to First Class.  You should not have to pay a change fee for a change to a fare class.

  1. SY = General Skymiles member
  2. FO = Silver Medallion
  3. GM = Gold Medallion
  4. PM = Platinum Medallion
  5. DM = Diamond Skymiles member